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But before we get stuck into the vocabulary, let’s check out Video 2.1. Watch and listen carefully as Christian tells us a little about his family. You won’t have encountered all of the words that Christian uses, but watching and listening carefully will help you answer the questions below. And so will common sense!

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Now we’re going to watch Video 4.1, which features an extract from a famous French film called Paris je t’aime. The extract involves three different characters: Harry, James and Bob.
• Working in pairs, can you list, in French, two character traits that apply to each character?
• Can you also mention two aspects of each character’s appearance? Your finished descriptions might resemble the following: ‘Bob est sympa et gentil. Il a les cheveux roux et courts’.

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Watch Video 4.2, which features clips from three different French films. Watch the films closely. Describe one character from each of the three clips. Your description should use three of the adjectives you learned in this Unit. Pick one character you liked and say why. Finally, pick one character you didn’t like andsay why.

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Maintenant on va regarder le Vidéo 5.1.‘Le Vieux MacDonald’ pour réviser les animaux de la ferme. Listen to the song and fill in the blanks.

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Watch Video 9.1 which features tracks by four modern French music stars. The tracks are as follows:
‘Soulman’ by Ben l’Oncle
‘En feu’ by Black M
‘Jour 1’ by Louane
‘Mon précieux’ by Soprano

Watch the video at least twice. Can you answer the following questions? Remember, when you’re asked a question in French you have to answer in French!

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