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This is Poetry OL 22

The Prodigal

Watch Video 2, which features the biblical story of the Prodigal Son. Were you familiar with this story? Do you think that the father’s treatment of his two sons was fair and just? Give a reason for your answer.

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Brendan Kennelly: BEGIN

Watch the video carefully. Does it capture the mood and atmosphere of the poem as you have envisaged it? Comment on the images used in this production. Write a paragraph explaining your answer.

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Brendan Kennelly: ST BRIGID'S PRAYER

Watch the video below. Is this the kind of scene Brigid had in mind when she described the men of Heaven dancing and singing, or was she thinking of a more serious and formal atmosphere?

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Brendan Kennelly: BREAD

Watch the video below. Describe in your own words the process by which she makes the bread. What is her attitude towards the work she undertakes? Would you characterise her approach as painstaking or casual?

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Watch the video carefully. Identify two ways in which its representation of this distant time is similar to Lawrence’s and two ways in which it is different.

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The Uncle Speaks in the Drawing Room

How would you describe the atmosphere of the crowd? What are they talking or complaining about? Do you imagine that they will take action to get what they want? What form do you imagine this action taking?

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If Love was Jazz

Watch Video 8, which features a band playing improvisational jazz. Then answer the following questions:

Do you enjoy this music? Why or why not?

Does this music strike you as a good soundtrack for a love story? Explain your answer.

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Randolph Healy: FROGS

This video depicts the life-cycle of frogs. Did you learn anything new? Which aspect of the frog’s life-cycle struck you as most interesting or noteworthy? How would you characterise your reaction to the frogs presented in the film? Did you find them pleasant or unpleasant, attractive or disgusting?

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The Cadillac in the Attic

Watch Video 10. Which find struck you as most remarkable and unexpected? Give a reason for your answer.

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