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This is Poetry Ordinary Level 2023 Videos

The Prodigal

Watch Video 1, which features the biblical story of the Prodigal Son. Were you familiar with this story? Do you think that the father’s treatment of his two sons was fair? Give a reason for your answer.

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The Flea

Watch Video 2, which features a dramatised reading of 'The Flea'. Identify two emotions displayed by the female actor throughout the piece and two emotions displayed by the male actor. Did you find the performance effective or silly and over-the-top?

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Song: Go, and catch a falling star

Watch Video 3, which features a reading of the poem by actor Richard Burton. Pick out three words or phrases to which he gives particular emphasis while he reads. Identify one place where he speeds up his reading and one place where he slows down.

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The Uncle Speaks in the Drawing Room

Watch Video 4. How would you describe the atmosphere of the crowd? What are they talking or complaining about? Do you imagine that they will take action to get what they want? What form do you imagine this action taking?

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For Our Mothers

Watch Video 5, which features Olusanya reading ‘For Our Mothers’. How does seeing and hearing a performance of the poem differ from reading it? Do you think you can pick up anything from watching the video that you might not get from the written words alone?

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